Regulation of Data Sharing Board

March 17, 2021

Regulatıon of Data Sharing Board has been published in order to regulate how and to what extent General Directorate Of Population And Citizenship Affairs, institutions and legal entities providing public services can benefit from the personal data in this Directorate General’s database.

Within the scope of the regulation, it is stated that with which institutions it will be shared, which data will be shared and how it will be shared shall be determined by Data Sharing Board. Councilor members shall be selected by the Ministry of Interior.

It was stated that the board shall also determine the approach of data sharing and it shall be shared over the Identity Sharing System (“ISS”).

Criteria, such as being authorized to request the relevant sharing and the necessity of this sharing for public and social benefits will be observed in the applications made by the institutions for data sharing. In addition to online data sharing via GPS, offline data sharing with other approaches and external storage devices are also regulated by the regulation.

Data requests regarding cases, investigations and enquiries shall be provided without being reported to the board by supreme courts, exchequer court, Supreme Electoral Council, courts, prosecution offices and preliminary examiner officers assigned following Law No. 4483, likewise it shall be provided without being reported to the board if there is a request for data in the enquiry, inspection, investigation and audit carried out by state institutions and organizations within the scope of Law No. 5018 and within the scope of the law numbered 6698, subparagraph 28 / ç, data sharing shall also be made in public activities about National Security, National Defense, public order or aimed at permanency of economic security.

Finally, it has been stated that data receiving institutions shall only use this data for relevant duties and responsibilities, shall not share them with third parties, and shall take the necessary measures to protect this data. Otherwise, they shall be punished under Turkish Criminal Law and Law No. 6698.

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