Müşfik Bülent Yeni

Bülent has been graduated from Gazi University Business Administration in 1986. He obtained his master degree again on Business Administration at Dokuz Eylul University.

Yeni, has been in charge on several positions such as Assistant Auditor, Treasure Manager, Control Manager, Accountant and Financial Advisor. He also took place on many projects regarding incentives for investments, capital allowance, tax return, private consumption tax.

Bülent Musfik Yeni, is specialized on financial report preparations, company evaluations, mergers, divisions, IPO’s and process control. He has established companies in Free Zone’s and structured the coordination and organization of such companies with their mother companies. Since 2004, he serves courts as an expert on specific cases.

He is giving management consultancy to a foreign energy company in Turkey, which is currently on bankruptcy suspension process. Bülent is the director of SMM Bilisim ve Finansal Hizmetler Company.

Musfik Bulent Yeni took place in various projects with Aytug Buyukatak, co- founder of our firm even before our firm was established. Since 2016, he has been working under the finance team of Eyuboglu & Buyukatak Law Firm.